Monday, August 31, 2009

September's Baker's Dozen

I decided to start something new for September! I personally like to scrap just one or two layouts per kit that I work with! I don't always take advantage of great big kits, so I decided to create a packet of mini's. I LOVE to create mini's! My original goal was 13 mini's and 13 templates. However, life was busy and it was late in the month before I thought of it, so it turned into 7 mini's and 7 templates! It's a Baker's dozen--sort of! LOL! I'm going to post the kits here and choose a winner to win the whole lot! I will be selling these ONLY for the month of September. You can buy the whole thing or just the mini's or just the templates.

September Baker's Dozen: $10.00
September Baker's Half Dozen (just the mini's): $7.00

Just the Templates: $5.00
Template Pack One:

The 7 mini's:

And the winner of this whole packet is the FIFTH person to post. Congratulations, Juli! Email me at and I will send you the coupon to pick this up! Thanks everyone for playing! I will be incorporating all those ideas (plus a few new things of my own!)

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