Friday, October 2, 2009

The Pests are taking over

Hello blog readers. I hope your start to October was a good one.
Mara here to let you know that Ramona's Pests are taking over the world!

And we're starting with Ramona's blog!

First, I want to tell you what will be happening here. We will be showing you sneak peeks of upcoming kits, when one (or all) of us has a freebie for you, we'll post it here.
We also will be giving Ramona's stuff away!! You'll have chances to enter drawings to win free goodies. How cool is that?!

If you're not already a follower, you should be! There's a button over there you can click ------>>
Have you signed up for the newsletter? That's over there too!

Over the next week or so, all of us Pests are going to bother you with a little bit about us, so you can get to know us.

So a bit about me:
My name is Mara - known as mmarti2564 all over the digiscrappin' world. I live in WI with my bf and 2 sons. I started digital scrapbooking in January of this year at my bf's suggestion. He's sorry now because it's his computer I take over, hehe, but I love it and am having a great time.
I work full-time as a copy editor for a small group of weekly newspapers.
I love that what I'm doing now can be shared with future generations and they may know more about our family history than I know about my ancestors. I have met many wonderful people and know I will meet many more.

Thanks for listening!
The instructions for the hybrid project will be posted on the Brownie Scraps store blog on Tuesday!

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