Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photography Tip: The Rule Of Thirds

Hi Y'all! Pestie Ashley here with your photography tip!

The Rule OF Thirds:

This was the first basic thing I learned in my photography class.  The rule of thirds is fairly simple for most people. It essentially balances your photos and makes them much nicer to look at. The main goal is to actually achieve the rule on camera, but if you dont get it on camera dont fret. You can always crop to the rule of thirds! Photoshop and Elements have a grid you can use. This rule is very hard for me personally because I am  a  fairly symmetrical person. =) the goal of the rule is to lead whoever is looking at your photo right in to it.
Here is an example of the Rule of Thirds

The area where the circles are is where the main focus of your subject should be.
And here  is an actual shot using the rule.
Happy shooting everyone!

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