Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Craft: Flower Hair Clips

Pesty Melanie here with a little secret.  I hate doing hair.  In fact, I have never, ever liked it.  When I was younger and all the other girls were playing with each other's hair and figuring out fun ways to style it, I always offered my hair to practice on so I wouldn't have to be one of the aspiring stylists.  Fate has an ironic sense of humor, and now I have five daughters with long hair.  I've always considered myself pretty lucky that they hate having their hair done, but I can't let them leave the house looking like no one cares about them.  So we've had to figure out ways to make their hair look cute without spending hours brushing and combing...and crying.  They're going back to school next week, so to get ready for a new year of trying to make hair cute while I'm chasing after them with a brush on the way out the door, we made some adorable hair clips.  I forgot to take pictures of ours, so here are some from the blog that had my favorite directions.  They're so easy and the girls had so much fun coming up with fun color combinations.  We bought our flowers and ribbon at the $1 store and our clips and brads on sale, so they were cheap, fun and easy.  Perfect craft!!  So here's a picture of the cuteness from Life with Three and a link to the directions to make your own flower hair clips.  Have fun!

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