Friday, October 8, 2010

Everyday Madness!!!!

So, is it just me or does everyone have weeks that are full of craziness?  Sometimes I feel like my whole life is crazy and pure madness! I wouldn't change any of it, but it does add for some exciting times!  This past week was one of those for me!

First of all, Mr. Pest was out of town for 4 full days.  I always hate these long weeks because he is such a help to me that when he is gone, I really feel it!  Plus, he is my best friend, so it is just lonely!  For some reason, it is when he is 6 hours away that things seem to fall apart.  A few months ago, the basement flooded because of a backed up toilet (probably caused by Sam flushing yet another unknown object down the toilet).  Water was gushing, everything was soaked, etc.  We had to pack up and sleep at my inlaws until Roto-Rooter could come and unclog everything.  This week was just as exciting!

We had a mistake happen with our insurance. Because we are still insured in Nevada, the info didn't make it to the database in Utah and even though we asked our agent to send the info, somehow the ball got dropped. I don't know whose mistake it was, but what I do know is that in a pouring rain storm, I got pulled over by the local officer telling me my plates had been revoked!  There I was with all 6 kids in tow, contemplating the joy of walking home while the impounded my only vehicle.  I frantically called Mr. Pest who quickly called our agent.  It didn't matter what proof we had that everything was in order, they were going to tow my van.  They were nice enough to let me drive home first (while TWO cars followed-lights flashing through the neighborhood). How nice of them!

Fortunately, Mr. Pest got on the phone with the supervisor and at least spared the towing part (just as the tow truck showed up) and I promised to keep it parked in the driveway until I could get things squared away with the DMV.  The next morning, I even woke to a flat tire!  My conspiracy theory side of my brain wanted to believe the officer had slashed it so I couldn't drive it, but I think it was more likely I ran over a nail when I pulled off the road! Oh, and to add to it, the officer accidentally took my driver's license with her!  She was nice and returned it to me last night!

So, this is just an example of how sometimes, life can be made up of lots of madness!  Other times, life can be full of fun and joy.  No matter what the moment, it is the everyday moments we live for and should be scrapping!  It's the little moments we want to remember years and years from now.  This past week, in the middle of it all, I certainly wasn't laughing, but I'm sure even a month from now I will!  Isn't this just how it is with life!

My new release this week is dedicated to those little moments!  It's a grab bag that has lots and lots of goodies!  These are all for personal use only, but they are very neutral so they can be scrapped with any kit!  I am posting the reveal here, so you get to see what is hidden away in my bag!  Everyone else has to guess and hope it's good!  The product inside is worth $13.00, but I will be selling it for only $5.00 during the next week!  Let me say that again, it will ONLY be on sale for 1 week, then the products will be sold individually!!!

Here is what I made for you!

You can grab it HERE

And here are the goodies inside:

So, isn't this a great deal?  All 7 of these packs for only $5.00!  This week only, so snag it quick!

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Natalee said...

Oh Ramona!! I am SO SORRY that all happened to you this past week! One day we should compare "Husbands out of town" horror stories! :)


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