Friday, November 19, 2010

Element Crazy?

When it comes to creating layouts, especially my P365/P52 layouts, I have to choose how many elements I want. The biggest problem I have with the P365 is choosing the right elements that suit the picture(s). I started out having an element for every single picture. That didn’t really work out too well. So, now I do just a few, here and there. I have more of an ability to add them on my two-pagers than my single pages, but I’m still getting a lot of elements in there.

What I have found that really helps is doing the journaling for the pictures first. It gives you a clear idea on how much “extra” space you will have. You don’t have to fill up every single little space though. Personally, with the P365 layouts, I like a little space, because when I print them, I can also make little handwritten notes, or if there was something that went with the day, I can add it too, giving it a true 3D feel to the pages.


Week 46::
Templates: Weeds and Wildflowers, combined
DoTW, date tags: IACL {Everyday #4} by Jen Yurko
Background paper, Week 46 alpha, camera: Memories in the Making by the Brownie Scraps designers
Water drops, star string, brr… WA, swirl: Everyday Bliss by Down This Road Designs
Week 06::
Background: Beep Beep {collab}
Dates: You and Me {collab}
Snowflakes: Everyday Bliss - January
Football: P365 add-on {collab @ Gingerscraps}
:O face: Every Day by Jen Yurko
Word Labels: From A to Z by Snuggle Berry Pie Designs
Cookie Jar brad: From A to Z by Snuggle Berry Pie Designs
Felt Grapes: From A to Z by Snuggle Berry Pie Designs
Flourish and Flower: Timeless Beauty by FlutterbyeFaery Designs

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