Friday, November 12, 2010

Finding the Daily Inspiration

When I'm doing my daily idea for my photos for P365, sometimes I have no idea what to take a picture of. There are some days when I feel just icky and gross. There are days when we have big plans for the kids. Then there are those boring days where absolutely nothing is happening. Nothing is going on. What do I do then?

For days I'm sick, I tend to take pictures of myself sick:
309/365 - Exhausted Sicky
I was sick, courtesy of fighting off a sinus infection :( Not fun!

For days we have plans for the kids, I either choose the best picture, or one that shows so well what we're doing:
302/365 - Gooey Hands
We carved pumpkins on this day. It was a mess, but they had fun :)

For days that absolutely NOTHING is going on? I either take a walk outside and capture some nature:
271/365 - Fall Blooms

Or I just take random fun shots of the kiddos:
268/365 - Goofy Face
My daughter is notorious for the faces. It's always something goofy or The Pout, her super-power.

I even do shots of the hybrid projects that I'm working on:
259/365 - Love Makes Life

So, it doesn't matter what your pictures of are of. As long as you have fun and enjoy yourself, that's all that matters!!

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Ramona said...

Such fabulous pictures and great ideas! Thank you for sharing your tips!


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