Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Handprint calendar (January - June)

I totally spaced posting today.  We are moving at the end of this month and my evenings (and late nights, and weekends...) have been filled with organizing, packing, and donating.  Anyway, with all of that I just forgot that it was Wednesday, and thus my turn to post.
I decided to keep with the idea from last week, and give you some more ideas on things to do with a child's handprint.  When I taught Kindergarten we made handprint calendars for them to give their parents for Christmas each year.  I was lucky because my mom came every Friday and we worked on one thing each week leading up to Christmas.  I really want to make these for the grandparents for Christmas this year, but we will see if we find the time.  The original idea is from Little Giraffes, but we tweaked it a little to get it more to our liking.
cover page

inside of cover (poem explaining each calendar page)

"title page"

January - Penguin - black paint on thumb, top of palm, and pinky
white paint on other fingers and rest of palm
hole reinforcers for eyes, construction paper beak and legs
snowflake stickers for background
all cut and glued on light blue paper with ice painted at the bottom

February - Heart
red paint on both hands (put one down then the other with fingers overlapping)
have child (or you) right I love you
cut and glue on red paper

March - Leprechaun
Top of palm green for hat
thin line of orange for hat brim
middle of palm peach for face
fingers orange for beard
gray background paper with thumbprint rainbow and black palm pot
cut and glue leprechaun on

April - Umbrella
paint fingers and a little bit of palm color of your choice
cut umbrella shape out of cellophane
color ducks
gray background paper with sweetened condensed milk puddles and raindrops splattered (we did the raindrops with a toothbrush), we used the milk to give it a little bit of shine (it looks wet even when dry)

May - Tulips
paint whole palm and base of each finger color of your choice (we painted these directly on the blue paper to save time, and because we thought it looked more natural)
paint pinky green and use it to create stems and leaves
draw a bee and add it to blue background (or use stickers or some other insect)

June - Butterly and Daisy
paint palm of both hands one color
paint fingers another color
use thumb or finger with black paint to put the body on after
cut and glue to blue paper
paint palms yellow, and fingers white to create daisy (directly on paper)

I know this is a lot, I hope you can use it somehow.  I will be back next Wednesday to share July through December.

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Ramona said...

What an adorable idea! Thank you for sharing!


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