Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Handprint Calendar (July - December

Here is the second half of the handprint calendar pages.
July - Fish
orange paint on hand, directly on blue paper (make sure thumb is out to look like a fin)
add a googly eye
add strips of green crepe paper for seaweed

August - Sun
paint hand yellow and place directly on blue paper several times in a circle
add sunglasses (we put aluminum foil behind the star shape for lenses)

September- Apples
paint palm of hand red and stamp multiple times on white paper
add a brown fingerprint stem, and a green leaf
cut out tree branch shape from brown paper
add green fingerprint leaves
cut out apples and place on tree

October - Pumpkins
paint palm of hand orange and stamp multiple times on white paper
add green fingerprint stems
cut out brown fence (like paper dolls, fold and make only a few cuts)
add pumpkins how you like them
you can also draw a yellow moon with chalk

November - Turkey
paint palm and thumb brown
paint fingers four different colors
add thumbprint waddle
add googly eye
let child cut out a beak and feet
leaves here were made on white paper using straw painting, then punched with a leaf punch

December- Santa
paint top of hand and thumb red
paint a thin strip of white
paint rest of palm peach
paint fingers white for beard
add pom pom to end of hat
paint hand green and stamp several times on layers to create tree
decorate tree
make fireplace out of paper and put santa inside

I hope that you enjoyed looking at these pages and got some ideas to use with your kids.  

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Diane said...

TY VVV M for the DAD's!! Loving it! Be blessed & Happy Thanksgiving! D :)


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