Monday, January 24, 2011

Difficult Days

I want to apologize for taking a week off. I hadn't intended to take it off, it just sort of happened!  With each day of things to be done and unplanned things popping up, I would fall into bed and then remember I hadn't blogged!  I'm not going to say that this won't happen again-because it probably will, but I'm back and I'm going to try to remember every day!!!

Because I was gone, I didn't get a layout challenge written up, so I'm going to do it now!  And I will give you until friday to post your layout and link it!

The winner will receive my new template set, which will be released tomorrow.

The theme of this week's layout is "difficult days".  We all have them.  We all struggle in life and sometimes scrapping those layouts can be some of the hardest. They can also be very theraputic.  I was inspired for this idea by a layout by Melody on my team.  I just love this layout she scrapped and want to share it!  She scrapped this about a difficult moment for her daughter.  I love her journaling-it's poetic and meaningful.  I can guarantee that her daughter will cherish this layout for many years!  I want to see your difficult moments and I hope you will find peace in scrapping them.

Remember, just scrap a layout using this prompt, upload it to any gallery and link it in the comments!  I will share the layouts in my friday post and choose one to win the whole set of templates!

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