Monday, February 7, 2011

Sometimes Love Hurts

I love Valentine's Day!  It's such a fun time to show love to all around us!  For me, it isn't just about showing my hubby how much I love him, but also my children and friends!  When I was a child, I loved making and exchanging valentines!  It was just a great time to focus on the ones we love.

It can also be a hard time of year, when we think of those we've lost.  Today, I was driving home when a song by Chicago-from the 80's came on the radio.  In an instant, I was taken back 20+ years to highschool.  It only seemed like yesterday, that my cousin Ronda and I would sit on a bus ride, blaring or singing our favorite slow songs and dreaming of the day we would have a boyfriend!  I remembered her daring me to do crazy things like take all the crackers from Wendy's on a theatre trip.  In a moment, I was back in that time and then it hit me.  Ronda is gone.  She was one of  my dearest friends and we planned to live our lives close together and raise our families together and continue our adventures.  But death came too soon for my dear friend and sometimes the ache can just hurt.  I cried, as I once again realized how much I love her and miss her.  One more reminder that life is too short to wait even a single day to tell the people we love-how much we love them.

I made a little wordart in honor of this upcoming holiday and to give a sort of sneak peek to my new kit which will be released tomorrow!  Today's freebie comes with a little twist though!  Just click to Tweet or post on facebook about this freebie and then you can download it!  Enjoy!


lwentkie said... brought tears to my eyes again. Thanks for the cute word art.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the greast wordart.

Anonymous said...

Looks great but as I do not want a twitter or facebook account I miss out - shame. I can see more and more places using this system and I can understand why when so few people bother to say Thank You.

Sorry about your friend - I too have lost school friends too early - one this year in fact (46). It's good to take time to remember them and good to have a little weep. Thanks for the reminder.


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