Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Biggest Pest of All!

My name is Melody, known as Melody Scraps Ads in the digital world & I am absolutely delighted to introduce myself as on of Ramona's Pest! A little about me: I have been married for almost 16 years and have 4 school aged children who I pester constantly about posing for the zillions of pictures I love to take! A few weeks we were walking out the door to go to the circus, and my 7 years old daughter said, "now Mom, you are going to be good today, right? You won't take too many pictures will you? LOL! I was pretty good, I "only" took 53 pictures!
Like Mara, I love that I am preserving our family's history. I am passionate about preserving the big and little details of daily life. I also want my children to read over the pages I create & know how I felt about them. This past weekend, I created two pages with Ramona's Cuddles & Kisses kit.
I love Ramona's kits & I think I am one of her biggest fans!
The first layout is of my daughter Emily. I wanted to write down some of the best things about her, and give the layout a sweet, soft feeling.


The second layout is of my youngest daughter Hannah, who was so excited to buy a "real Jen-U-Wine (her word for genuine) clown hat" at the circus!

I loved that I was able to use one kit, and do two completely different theme pages with it! It saves time hunting around for the perfect kit, not to mention money!

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