Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's recipe time!

Pest Angela here with a very easy recipe.

I love baking. Not as much as scrapping, but it is a close second. One of my favorite things to have when I am baking is home made vanilla. Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats home made vanilla. Trust me.

What you will need

6 Vanilla Beans (I use Penzey's Madagascar Vanilla Beans)
2 cups good quality Vodka
Quart Mason jar with lid

1. Cut the vanilla beans in half lengthwise
2. Add the beans to the jar
3. Cover with the vodka
4. Put the lid on and store in a cool, dark place and shake every couples of days for at least a month. The longer you let it stand the more intense the flavor will be. I like mine to go at least six weeks. When you are ready strain it through a coffee filter or cheese cloth into dark bottles and seal tightly.

Isn't that easy. Kind of makes you wonder why you pay so much for it in the stores.

When using your new batch of home made vanilla you will use it just like you do the store bought kind. After you use it for the first time you may find that you don't need to use as much.

And that is how you make vanilla.


Ramona said...

I had no idea that was how vanilla was made! Way too cool!

Anna said...

It's that simple?!?!? Vanilla is my favorite flavor for anything. LOL TFS!


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