Monday, August 2, 2010

Designer Survivor--Reward Challenge

Welcome contestants to my blog!  I am so excited to host our first Reward Challenge!  Before I get to the challenge, do you want to see what you will be playing for?

These six items were extracted by me and the members of the winning team will be able to use them throughout the rest of the challenge!  They are also yours to keep and use beyond the challenge!  One team will win this, as well as immunity!  What does it mean to win immunity?  It means that no one from your team will be voted off in this week's Tribal Council!  Worth playing for?

Let's get started!  Your challenge today is to create, as a team, a logo for Designer Survivor.  The winning logo will be used throughout the rest of the competition and worn on the packaging previews from here on out!

The rules-there aren't any.  Just use your imagination and create a logo!  Logo's are a big part of marketing and advertising, so this is just one more way to sharpen your skills and share your talent!  Use whatever colors and remember the basic rules of Survivor (No CU, work as a team, submit by deadline).  And that's it-the rest is up to you!

The Deadline for this challenge is each team's logo needs to be uploaded to the BrownieScraps gallery (under first reward challenge) by Tuesday at Noon (EDT).  Voting will commence at that time, on the Designer Survivor Blog, so feel free to send all your loved one, friends, fellow co-workers to go vote!  Voting will be up until Thursday at noon.  The winning team will be announced after that!

On your mark, get set....Design!


Sus Designs said...

Uhhh, that is looking NICE :) I would like to win those. Great challenge, I am really excited to see what everyone is up too

Amanda said...

That is a GREAT challenge, Ramona!!


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