Monday, September 13, 2010

Craft idea for kids!

Hey everyone, Lisa here ready to share a great craft idea for your little crafters!

Make a pretty sunflower to display in your kitchen or in a child’s window. Make several and place them in a coffee can filled with floral foam to make a fun bouquet!

I did this craft with my almost 4 year old and he really got into it, he loves using his imagination to create!

What you'll need:

Mini paper plate
1 pkg small brown pom-poms
Wooden dowel
1 sheet green felt
White craft glue
Yellow acrylic paint
Green acrylic pant
2 green chenille stems
Hot glue gun
3-D lime green paint (optional)

How to make it:

Use scissors to cut one inch slits all the way around the paper plate, going about 1/3 inch in. Use scissors to round each slit, forming the petals.

Line work surface with some newspaper and paint the paper plate yellow. Allow to dry and repeat if needed.

Paint the dowel with green paint and allow to dry.

Draw a large circle in the center of the paper plate with the white craft glue.
Fill in the circle so that there is enough glue for the pom-poms to stick to. Start at the center and work your way outward with the pom-poms until the center of the flower is complete.

Fold each chenille stem in half, twisting the open ends about two inches in. Form the loop end into the shape of a simple leaf. You should have two leaves with stems.
Lay chenille leaves side by side on the green felt. The stem of each leaf should hang over the edge of the felt. Fold the felt over the chenille leaf and trim off excess so that just the leaves are covered. Note that the stems and points of leaves are at the fold.

Hot glue one side of a leaf onto the felt and repeat for the second leaf. Put hot glue on the exposed side of the chenille and run a line of hot glue down the center of the leaf (on the felt). Fold over the felt and glue in place.

Trim the felt around the outer edge of the leaves.

Twist the stem portion of the chenille around the dowel. Repeat on the other side.

Tack in place with a dot of hot glue.

Use a scrap of the leftover felt, about four inches long, to fold over the top of the dowel. Glue it together to hold the dowel to the paper plate. Glue the felt at the top of the dowel to the back of the paper plate flower.

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