Monday, September 27, 2010

yogurt finger paints

 Pest Jessica here with a craft project (more of an art project) for those of you with young children.  My baby will not be 1 until next month, but I absolutely love arts and crafts, and couldn’t wait to get started with my son.  I decided that finger painting seemed like a pretty easy project, but didn’t want to use real paints, since I knew he would try to eat them.  I searched around online and found lots of ideas, but none I felt too sure about.  Finally, a friend suggested that I try using plain or vanilla yogurt.  I thought that might work so we went to the store and bought some.  I divided a small container of yogurt into three small bowls, and mixed in some red, yellow and blue gel food coloring.  I then put the boy in his high chair gave him a piece of paper and scooped a spoonful of each color on.  He wasn’t sure at first, but after touching it he got really into it.  He made two pictures, and had a lot of fun spreading the “paint” all around.  He also sampled a little bit as well.  I would definitely consider his first art project to be a huge success, and would definitely recommend trying it with your little ones. 

1 comment:

Ramona said...

This is amazing! I never even thought of doing something like this! My baby would love it too! And look at that precious smile on your babies face! Thanks so much!


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