Saturday, September 25, 2010

Time to cook ….


Hello everyone!!!

It’s pasta time, yeahhh!!!! i love the pasta and my sons too.

here a recipe to easy to make with a childs, and with a good flavor…

I like  to change the way of making pasta, not always the traditionals pasta with ragu sauce.

I change the macarroni & cheese for this new recipe, because here in Italia not is usual eat cheese sauce =)

Well, are you redy for cooking now…?

The list:

*Spaguetti pasta (500gr.)


*diced bacon

*olive oil

*salt, pepe & nutmeg

*grated cheese

How make it…

Put a pot of wather, when bolling add salt and pasta.

Meanwhile, put in a pan a little olive oil, add the bacon, when they are golden brown add the cream and nutmeg, heat about 2 minutes

whithout letting the cream thickens.Drain the pasta and add our cream.

Sprinkle with grated cheese, and voul la!!!

I hope you like my recipe, see you next time…

Buon Apetito!!!

Hugs Fabiola.

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