Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sooooo Excited for Turkey Time!!!

Okay, I'll admit it, one of my very favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. This poor little holiday, sandwiched between the ghosts and goblins of Halloween and the commercial craziness of Christmas, is easily overlooked!  I have always loved this holiday though, and not just because the food is so heavenly it is making my mouth water!  I love it for the time with family!  I love getting together with everyone, chatting, preparing food while the men either go out shooting or sit and watch the football game!  I love how stuffed you feel and everyone commiserates together as you all talk about the upcoming pie fest!  There just isn't anything quite like it.  Last year, we traveled six hours to spend the day with my family.  We were all there, and it was wonderful.  We had lost my amazing cousin, just 2 months previous, and we all felt her absence so much.  Her husband and son were able to join us for the day, but it just wasn't quite the same without Ronda.  This year, I will be hosting Thanksgiving at my house while all of Mr. Pests family gathers and I'm just as excited about that!

I love this picture of me and my sisters and sister in law and our mom, last year.  My youngest sister, Lynette sewed this darling aprons for all of us!  Even though we will be miles apart this year, I will be wearing mine and thinking of them!

Don't we all look cute!  (I'm the one 4th from the left, if you couldn't tell!)

In honor of this holiday, I created a kit, focused on the First Thanksgiving.  It's called "Give Thanks" and will have so many uses! I plan to print out the felt pieces, cut them out and use them as napkin rings. I also plan on making place cards out of them!  I may even create a wreath or other fun decorations.  The ideas are endless!

This kit will be 25% off for the first week, making it only $3.75 so snag it quick! You can click HERE to grab it!

Also, I have some super fun things coming to my blog starting November 1st, be sure to check in to see what the fun is about. I'll give a hint....daily freebie...okay, that was a pretty big hint, so you better be sure and come!!!

Oh, and I almost forgot...Leave a comment here about your favorite Thanksgiving memory (if you are in the US) or your favorite anytime holiday memory (if not in the US). I will come back on Saturday night to choose a winner of the kit!


Crystal said...

My favorite Thanksgiving memory is just getting together with the family (all 30+ of us) and having our annual turkey.

lwentkie said...

We had such a great Thanksgiving last year at my parents house! Nothing eventful - just being with my family was awesome! I look forward to this year!

TJ said...

I love getting together with the family, watching football, and playing games.

Lynette said...

Love this kit! So cute and I have to say cutest sisters/mom EVA!!!! Love you and Love Thanksgiving. Last was so memorable...especially after our late night games:(


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