Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Creative Block

I don't know about the rest of you, but I (Pest Jessica) go through stages with scrapping projects.  It seems like sometimes the ideas just fly at me, and I can't seem to scrap fast enough to get them all down the way I want.  Yet, other times, I severe creative block.  I sit and stare at the computer screen for what seems like hours on end.  Nothing comes to me, I get bored, I surf the web for awhile, then go back and stare at the blank screen.  Eventually I decide, oh I'll do it tomorrow, and walk away.  Tomorrow comes and there I sit, before the blank screen, my mind an empty slate.  The more I pressure myself to get something done, the less creative I am.  I know there are templates that one can use, but you still have to decide which pieces from whatever kit to use, what pictures you can scrap, etc.
I have found that when this creative block comes it helps me to browse through online galleries, or designers webpages or blogs.  There are tons and tons of great ideas just waiting for me.  Sometimes I like one piece of page A, one piece of page B and several pieces of page C and am able to combine them together to create something amazing.  Sometimes I see a page that I love, and am able to scraplift it (with some changes to make it my own).  I also love looking through scrapbook magazines, and often find great ideas inside.
I am sure that I am not the only one that runs into this problem which brings me to the question of the day.  What are some things that you do (or places you look) to help with this creative block.  I hope that we are able to get some new ideas from each other to help us out the next time we are faced with this dilemma.

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