Friday, November 5, 2010

One Day at a Time

Hi! *waves* I'm Sarah, one of Ramona's newest pests! I'm a mom of two, living in Kansas, and married to the mailman. So, instead of the father of my kids being the milkman, its the postman. They're the new milkmen anyways. Okay, total joke fail, but anyways!

I've been asked to write about Project 365, and Project 52, which is the scrapping of the P365 photos. I'm hoping to get some ideas from all the readers out there on what questions you might have, because, um, wow, not sure what all to talk about :)

First, I guess I'll discuss how to find the inspiration for the photos. If you're like me, you're home most every day, and kids, while they're adorable, can get pretty boring. I try to get outside and take pictures, to catch the changing of the seasons. If you have any big projects you're working on, then take a daily shot of that project. You'll see how much you complete without even realizing it!

For example: In November, each year, I take part in NaNoWriMo. That means I have to write 50,000 words in 30 days (2/5 the way through so far already :O ). So, I took pictures, literally, of my computer screen, and one day, of my hand, which had a chat room for sprinting listed on it.

See Monday through Wednesday [right side, bottom three pictures]? Monday is off my Excel sheet keeping track of my progress. Tuesday is of the chat I was in. Wednesday was of my hand. I do 2 pages and a single page layout for the two forums that I participate in that have P365 challenges going on! That’s REALLY helped with me keeping track!! To get you started, though, I’d suggested checking out Brownie Scraps’s Fruit Salad challenge!

Another question I get asked, or something that gets mentioned to me: does it matter what camera you use? Honestly? Nope, not a bit!! The gross hand covered in pumpkin guts? Taken with a Sony Cybershot dsc-w120. The hand written on shot? A Samsung Impression … my cellphone. The others are usually taken with my Canon Rebel, but that’s just because it’s easier to upload the pictures from it. But no, there’s no requirement for a type of camera. I know people who do every single picture with their cellphone.

I haven’t seen an insane improvement in the pictures I’ve taken, but I’ve noticed a change in my layouts as a whole. While I don’t cluster or even use a huge amount of elements with my P52 layouts, I’ve noticed that I’m using them more and more with my other layouts. I’m also journaling more. I used to hate journaling, but the P52 project requires it.

The biggest piece of advice I can honestly offer? Have FUN! Don’t look at it as a chore. Its meant to be FUN! Its meant to help you get in the habit of taking pictures often.

And never leave that camera behind! I bought a purse that can hold all 3 of the things I take pictures with. That’s how much I love doing this project!!

If you have any topics you’d like me to write about, please don’t hesitate to mention them! I’d love to hear them!

Credits for Layout:
2pager: Background papers: Pieces of Me by Down This Road Designs
Misc. Elements from Everyday Bliss mini kits by Down This Road Designs
Week 44 alpha: ET Highway by Ramona the Pest
Random WAs from Heartful of Thanks by Ramona the Pest
SinglePage: Background papers: Whispers of Autumn by Kathy Winters Designs
DOTW tags: Scrap Your Life speed scrap PP by MandyMade
Halloween elements: Goblin Delights by the GS designers
Camera: Scrap Your Life by Statements by Jodi
Phone frame: In My Purse by Statements by Jodi
Happiness is WA: Made Pretty Sweet by MandyMade and Pretty in Green
No laundry flair: Mommy's Helper by Pretty in Green


Laura said...

I loved this post Sarah!! I can't wait to start the project in January. I am really committed this time!

Ramona said...

Fabulous tips! Thank you so much!


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