Friday, December 3, 2010

Counting down the days

I had intended to post this last night and then I fell asleep while laying by Sam.   When Mr. Pest is home, he usually does bedtime duty (because he can stay awake!)  But he was out of town last night, so I fell asleep at 8 pm!

I'm so excited to share with you my advent tree!  I'm just going to show a quick picture of it, but the free download for the box will be in this weekend's newsletter-so make sure you are subscribed!

I LOVE advent calendar things.  It is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays.  I've had all kinds and my kids are used to taking turns, each day, to count down the days.  This year I thought  it would be fun to have an activity, each day with our counting down.  The holidays can get so hectic, and I find that if I'm not careful, I can spend more time stressing about the unimportant things than focusing on the simple essentials!  Spending time with my kids and making memories is truly the greatest gift for all of us! So, I wanted to ensure that I would make that a priority and so far, it is working out so well!!!

I created a list of activities, some were things that were already planned like family christmas parties, and I numbered them-one for each day of December until the 25th.  I then cut them up and placed them in these little boxes I made.  Using string and metal hangers, I hung the boxes on a small tree on my mantle.  Each morning, the kids take turns opening a box.  That way, they get to look forward all day to what we are doing that evening.  With older kids, sometimes their activities conflict with our plans, but I do it anyway.  I think it's important to move forward and involve those who can be there!  For some, I won't be there, but it still moves forward.  For example, tonight my husband and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary.  Grandma is coming to babysit so I planned that the activity would be a Christmas craft with grandma!  How fun will that be?

Here is a picture of our tree:

And here are a few pictures from last night's activity.  We wrote our letters to Santa and I can't tell you how much fun that turned out to be!  I was amazed at how into it they all got!  Their letters are awesome-almost wish I didn't have to mail them off! LOL! And they had a blast.  Even Noah had to get in on the action!

And last,  here is a list of some of the activities on our list:

 Make Gingerbread Houses
 Learn about another country at Christmas
 Write Letters to Santa
 Snowman Treats (make treats and deliver to neighbors)
Watch the Grinch
Polar Express Party
Drive around to see lights
Make Christmas chains withGrandma
Make silver Christmas Trees
Watch Elf and eat popcorn
Build a snowman (if the weather doesn't cooperate on this day, then we'll use marshmallows!)
Cookies with Santa
Temple Square
Shop at dollar store and wrap presents
Watch The Forgotten Carols
Make outdoor garland (popcorn and cranberries)
Sing Christmas Carols
Christmas movie night
Christmas Game Night

I will be posting more about these ideas as we go.  I will include recipes or craft ideas, as they pertain!  My team will also be posting each day with different ideas!  So, lots of fun in store!

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Crystal said...

I don't mail off the letters that Aidan writes. He puts it under the tree then an elf passes during the night and picks them up.


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