Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A few tricks up my sleeve...

Hey there! Its Laura again with a few scrapping tips that I'd like to share with you! Nothing mind blowing but a few things that have really helped my layouts. All layouts are linked, so go spread some love! A few seconds of your time can mean so much to another scrapper.

1. Resize most elements smaller.

If you have different sizes of elements (esp the same element but in different sizes) it just adds a lot of interest to your layouts. Most designers put the elements in there large to have the detail but your layouts will have more eye candy power if you make your elements smaller.

Here's an example from Kathi B:

The teeny tiny little pink snowflakes really add a lot to her layout! Kit used: Snow is Glistening

2. Use element placement and repetition to naturally draw the eye through the entire layout.

Assume most people will focus on one element and then find the next like element, etc, etc to create a natural flow through your layout. Like colors or elements can also achieve this.

This layout is from Natalee using Romance in December. First my eyes naturally follow the line created by the thin paper strip. Also the multiple use of the flowers with bows creates a rising point of interest.

3. Never underestimate the power of a great photo.

I find myself taking better photos because i know I'll use them in

scrapping. A great photo doesn't just magically happen. Ok sometimes it does. Paying attention to lighting, your subject within your frame and TAKING the photos when the moments are happening are all critical parts of great pictures. Having ador

able kids doesn't hurt either.

This layout is from greenscrapcat using Abigail. The photo of her daughter where the background is up through the tree limbs is just interesting, ie a great photo! The pictures look professional and well thought out. She is shooting straight onto her subject, the lighting is great and of course.. I can't believe this little beauty is only 12! Wow!

4. The power of the written word.

A few things about journaling. First, journaling ALWAYS adds to a layout. I go

t turned down from a CT position I really wanted one time because she didn't like my lack of journaling. Now one of my most common comments is 'I love how you journal all the time!' She really made me step it up and I appreciate her telling me that journaling really does add to the layout.

For starters, people are nosy.. ok we'll say 'interested' in other people. Journaling reveals a little bit more then just pictures. Also journaling takes some bravery to share. Words you write are very revealing at times and allowing people into your little circle of trust is hard. Others appreciate that. Journaling also takes up big chunks of space. yay!

Trust that 12 pt font is fine for journaling. You may have to write out what you journaled because it can't be read but I promise when you print it, it will be readable.

My layouts where I didn't trust the font and made it too large just look silly to me. I now only journal in 12 or 14. Going bigger for title work is fine.

This layout is from Bethany (Scrappin' Daisies) using the kit Olivia. She does a beautiful job journaling about her daughter's imagination. These are feelings of the moment that her daughter will cherish when she gets older.

Tell the who, what, where and when but also tell the feelings, emotions and back story that goes along with your photos. Why did you choose to take pictures this day? A favorite outfit, a new experience or something silly, part of the story gets lost when you don't journal!


After seeing my layouts in print, I suddenly realized I needed to go smaller. Pics needed to be smaller, text and elements. And after working on that, my layouts look better overall anyway!

Did you learn anything from these tips that you plan on utilizing? Any little tips or tricks of your own to share?

Happy scrapping!


The Poyers said...

# 5 is so true! I was doing tons of 12x12 layouts and then I printed them and they were WAY too in your face. Now I do all my pages 8x8 and with everything a bit smaller!

Ramona said...

These are great tips, Laura, and so true!!! I just printed my entire 2010 album and I as I look through it, the layouts I love the most are the ones with lots of journaling! And yes, yes, yes about the sizing! I have turned away many layout artists from a ct team because they didn't resize the elements! Small elements look far better than at full size!

Deanna said...

Thanks so much for the tips! I struggle with getting journaling on the page, but after reading your handy hints, I should do better. I have noticed that I do 'big' a lot on my digi pages! lol I'll try and tone it down. lol


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