Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa Baby.....

Hey Y'all! Pesty Ashley here. And let me just say  I a so super happy to be back with Ramona and our awesome CT!

We don't really have any family traditions in my family for Christmas. I come form a German family, and my grandmother cooked traditional German meal for our Christmas. My dads side of the family has always gotten together for finger food and dirty Santa.  We always have a lot of fun. I have always felt like I was missing out on something when I would hear about others and the neat things they did with their family's during the holidays. I vowed when I had my own children that we would start our own traditions.
So last year my daughter Kiley and I started our tradition. We made a cute ornament. I plan on doing this with both kiddos this year. Last year we made a Santa, so this year we are making a snowman.

This craft is so super easy! All you need is:

Piece of cardboard or card stock
Red and white Paint
Cotton Balls
Small red puff ball
Small white puff ball
Ornament hanger
Whole punch

You just trace child's hand, spread and glue cotton on to the fingers. Paint upper palm Red. paint face white. Glue eyes and nose on, glue the white puff on Santa's hat (The thumb) Punch hole in the top and hang it on the tree!!! Easy! I hope you all enjoy this little craft and continue to make it a tradition in your family!
Here is Kiley's Santa
And here is our tree this year!(Like the cowboy hat topper!!)

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Ramona said...

What a cute craft! And I LOVE the cowboy hat topper!!!


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