Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Down on the Farm

I didn't grow up on a farm or a ranch, but I came pretty close!  I lived in a small ranching town in southern Nevada.  We had horses and rode them, but that was it.  Next door, my uncle had a little bit more of the makings of a farm.  He had a big barn and cows that he milked and pigs!  I remember, as a very young child, watching him bring the big barrels of milk into my grandma's house, scooping off the cream and pouring the warm milk on my cereal.  I also have memories of visiting the pigs on a regular basis!  I have always loved animals and things about the farm.  However, I will admit, I have no desire to run a farm or live on a farm-now that I'm an adult!  That is a lot of work!!!

But  my kids love to visit the farm! For us, it is at a place called Thanksgiving Point in Lehi UT. We have a membership and we go there as often as we can!  Sam enjoys talking to the animals.  He goes to each cage and yells something to them that I don't understand!  He also loves to ride the pony.  I won't pretend that visiting there is anything like life on a farm, but I think it is a fun way for my kids to pretend and it feels to me like I'm sharing a little bit of my childhood and those memories.

Here are a few pictures of my kids at the farm:

My latest release is perfect for scrapping these pictures and memories!  What farm memories do you need to scrap?  Maybe the following products will help!

It will normally sell for $5.00, but it is on sale for today for only $3.75.
Also, Laura used the kit to create some fun children's activities!  I printed off the puppet one yesterday and Noah played with them for an hour!  I put a little magnet on the back and put them on my refrigerator! He thought they were the best things ever.  Here is a preview of the puppet-for only $2.00 and you literally just print and cut!

Or you can buy the bundle that comes with the kit, the quickpages, the puppets, a cute little reader and a matching game for only $8.00!  Click HERE to check out all the options!

And look how cute these quickpages turned out!  If you are in a hurry and don't want to take the time to scrap your own, just snag this set (or it comes in the bundle) and pop your pictures in!  By itself, it is only $3.00 for all 4 (12x12) layouts!

And last of all, I have a freebie for you today!  This was put together by Shelly, using the elements in this kit!

You can download this cluster frame HERE.



Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely frame...

rmdusell said...

Thanks so much and thanks too for the direct download!

5Star Digital Scrapbooking said...

Thanks for sharing. I'd like to invite you to promote your site on our Digital Scrapbooking Topsite. Hope to see you there!

ROLAINE said...

Such a cute cluster! Thank you for sharing this freebie! :o)


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