Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is your currency?

What is your currency in life?  I often use this term in dealing with my kids!  I got it from Dr. Phil, just so I can give proper credit!!  If I can figure out my child's 'currency' then I can figure out how to best discipline him or her.  For example, I have a son who will do anything in the world for computer time!  Even when he was little, video games were his favorite thing in the world.  This same child has had a few struggles in school-mostly with staying focused and getting work done and turned in.  We created a great plan.  All technology is reserved for weekends only and all of his grades must be A's and B's in order for him to get any "screen time".  I can check his grades online and they are always updated.  This has been a wonderful tool for us.  I don't have to be the nag and he is very motivated to get things done so he can have his weekend time.

So, what is it in your life that motivates you?  If you really want to accomplish something or overcome a bad habit or create new good habits-what is your currency?  I think it is important that we each know this so we can use it to our best advantage.  For some, they are motivated by money for others, it may be periodic rewards or being noticed by others.  I have learned, that for me, my greatest motivator is my children.  I can do so much more when it is for my kids than when it is just for me.

For example, six months ago, I was talking to my oldest two boys and we were talking about the dangers of drinking soda pop.  And I had been drinking diet soda for years.  I knew it wasn't healthy, but it was good and I was addicted!  I think it was safe to say, at that point in my life, I probably drank over 100 ounces of soda a day.  I rarely drank water-it was too bland.  But it always haunted me how bad it was so as we were discussing it, I challenged them to go a year without soda.  I even told them that I would do it too!  We set up some rewards, if they met different milestones.  I am happy to report that it has been just over 6 months, and we are still living soda free.  I now drink about 100 ounces of water a day and love it!  I don't even miss soda-well, most the time.  Occasionally, I will crave one, but the thought of telling my boys that I caved first quickly makes me change my mind!  Whether I am just competitive or don't want to disappoint them, doing things for my children is a great motivator!

Think about your currency and maybe scrap a layout about it or find ways to incorporate it into your goals more!  I promise that you will find it helping you reach those goals far better than just setting the goals and hoping they happen!

Feel free to share your thoughts with me, in the comments! I always love reading what you all have to say!

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