Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Mommy Vacation

The holidays come and you are busy, busy.  You prepare meals for  your family, you prepare goodies for your neighbors, you write out cards, and buy presents and wrap them all.  You shuttle kids from activities to parties to holiday recitals.  You keep the laundry going, the house clean and a carol on your lips the whole time!  Let's face it, as magical and wonderful as the holidays are, when you are a mom or grandma-it is not a vacation!  It is a lot of work!!!  I have come to accept that fact and have decided that I get my mommy vacation, the week after life returns to normal!  I didn't prepare well enough this year, but next year-I'm going somewhere exotic!!!  I'm sure it will just be an exotic trip in pictures, but all the same, I am taking some time for me!

Today was day one of that mommy vacation!  I stayed in my pj's until  noon.  All of my kids were at school or preschool except the baby and I didn't feel guilty at all, turning on a cartoon for him!  I rarely do it, so for my vacation time-it was perfect!  I spent the morning doing what I wanted!  I pulled out my new silhouette I got for Christmas and played with some vinyl.  I watched my shows and just rested!

It was exactly what I needed.  It was short and it was simple, but it was my time.  It was the time I needed to recharge and relax!  We all need that!  I don't think we can give our all, all of the time, without a few days here and there to just veg!  Tomorrow I'm making myself a chunky watch!  I can't wait!

What do you like to do for your down time?  If you could have a real mommy vacation-anywhere in the world, where would it be?

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Anonymous said...

Well that looks like Moraine lake, Banff and I'm lucky enough to have been there - absolutely fabulous!! - and I'd be over the moon to go back. Did not get a holiday last year as we moved home and unlikely to get one this year so wishing is all I'll be doing. I think my next wish list holiday will be the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon (I'm in the UK). My down-time is card making with the ipod on MY music LOL


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