Thursday, February 17, 2011

Printing and Persnickety!

Being the featured designer at Persnickety Prints this week is such an honor and I want to share a little bit about why I love their work so much and why I am one of their biggest fans!  I live in Utah County, which is where Persnickety Prints is located.  I have been to their shop several times to pick up my prints.  I will seriously never print anywhere else because of three things that are very important to me.

1.  Price.  I searched high and low for the best price in digital scrapping and it led me to Persnickety.  For $1.99, you can print a customized 12x12 layout.  Many places like Wal-mart, don't offer the 12x12 size, so even though the price may be cheaper for other things, you just don't get the option of customizing it exactly like you want.  Also, more places are allowing customized pages, rather than formatted-stick your picture in, because I think they are seeing how popular digital scrapbooking has become.  But I remember the frustration of not knowing how I would ever print my layouts.  I even bought a 12x12 printer, but that thing went through ink faster than I could keep up.  And if you only get 5 layouts out of a $30 ink cartridge-you can see how quickly that would add up!

2.  Quality.  The first place that I finally found (about 2 years ago) that I could print my 12x12's at was Costco.  I believe their price was the same, if you had their yearly membership.  I bought their membership, just so I could print through them.  I was happy for awhile, and it wasn't until I saw a layout printed at Persnickety that I realized how different the quality is.  I wish I could describe it, but the layouts are just more clear and everything seems to just pop right off the page!  I could never go back.

3.  Customer Service.  This definitely can not be beat anywhere! Chari takes a personal interest in her customers and she treats us all so well.  She offers sales and 100% guarantee with their products!  One time, I sent the wrong image for printing. Instead of my 300 dpi, I sent my websized version.  It was so grainy and one look at it, I instantly knew what I did wrong.  They offered to reprint at no extra cost to me.  This was completely my error, not theirs and they still offered the 100% satisfaction.  That is impressive to me!

So, now you have my reasons of why I will print nowhere else.  This past Christmas, I printed my first full album.  I also printed 2 smaller ones at 8x8 each to give to the grandparents.  My mother-in-law was so happy with the gift and just loved it.  These memories we are scrapping and preserving are so important!  Don't trust your hard work with anyone, but Persnickety!

And, if you want to try them out for FREE, then make sure your layout is entered, in the comment section below for the drawing! I will be choosing one lucky person-tomorrow afternoon-to win the Gift Certificate!


Kait said...

I am glad to hear that you are super happy with them.
Question about the layout...what kind of layout are you looking for? Just one that is made with your designs?

Ramona said...

There is a free template in the other thread, just use that with any of my designs-even old and retired ones and link it in that thread!


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