Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Hybrid Presents

Hiyo! Sarah here. While I'm still doing the P365 stuff, I don't really have anything big to update on. I can say that this week's layout was definitely self-centric. Not because I'm self-centered, but because this week (well, last, LOL) was my birthday week :)

Birthday Flowers
I got PRETTY flowers from my husband out of the deal! :)

This year, one particular friend who really likes my scrapping is getting a hybrid gift for Christmas. I'm making her a CD calendar full of RECIPES! How cool is that? I think she's REALLY going to like it!! I'm finding this project for my friend is really helping me get my scrap on, and to make her something I know that she'll enjoy. I'm having a ball searching my cookbook, looking for the PERFECT recipe for each month!

Since I'm NICE, I'll share ONE recipe with you that's going to be on the calendar. *shh* Don't tell her!!

Coffee Cooler

1 cup of strong coffee, cooled
1 cup of milk, creamer, or half & half
1 cup of ice
3 tablespoons syrup (the squeeze bottle kind ;))
2 tablespoons of sugar

Combine coffee, half & half, syrup and sugar in a blender.
Add ice cubes, and blend until nearly smooth.

Easy, peasy, right? Enjoy!


Lynna said...

Sounds delicious! And I'm sure your friend will just love her very thoughtful gift! :-)

Anonymous said...

Recipes on a calendar is a great idea, love it!


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