Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A few advent calendars

Here are two advent calendars that I made last year, I know December is well underway, but maybe you could make them for next year, or start late. My husband and 1 year old are in charge of putting the piece on this one everyday.  There are instructions and patterns provided at the link below.  The first picture is from the article.  The second pictures are what ours looks like so far this year, and some of the other pieces I made.

felt picture advent (here are the directions and patterns)

The second advent is made with a piece of canvas, scrap paper, and favor tins (like from a wedding).  I loved this when I saw it, and it was pretty easy to make as well.  Here is what ours looks like.  I put a scripture advent that I found online in the tins and we open one each day.

favor tin advent (here are step by step directions with pictures as well)

advent scriptures (this is what I put inside these tins)

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