Sunday, January 2, 2011

Important Enough

 One of my very favorite plays is Our Town by Thornton Wilder.  I know I have referenced this play before, in my newsletter, but I wanted to bring it up again!  For those who have never seen or read this play, let me give a quick run down.  It is mainly about Emily, a girl who we first see in highschool.  I might quickly add that I played the part of Emily when I was in highschool and I auditioned with her ending monologue when I went to college!  Anyway, Emily is a typical teenager in a typical American family.  In the second act, she gets married and in the third act, she passes away in childbirth.  As a ghost, she longs to return to her family, but she is told to forget that life and move on. She is unwilling to and finally learns that she can choose one day to relive-one last time.  She is given the advice, "choose the most unimportant day you can think of, because it will be important enough." 

I love that line.  It shows that life is not really about all the big things in our life, it's the little things.  We will all remember the big moments-a wedding, a birth, a death.   However, the tiniest of moments, the day to day living that we do is really what makes up who we are and what life is.

I love the picture I posted above. I had forgotten about it until tonight as I took a little walk down memory lane.  This was taken in our back yard when we still lived in Nevada.  Yes, that is actually the middle of the desert, not the beach.  It was a sand pile, left over from some project!  My kids spent an hour, just playing in it and here-they buried their little sister!  It was an ordinary day.  We ate breakfast, did chores, ate lunch, played, cleaned up, etc.  There was nothing special about it, at all. But this picture will always remind me of a morning when my kids created their own little beach experience.  I feel a bit of sadness to see them looking so young and thinking of how fast it goes.  This photo is priceless to me.

So, think of the things you do each day.   Think of the least important thing you do and scrap about it.  A year from now, 10 years from now and even 50 years from now, it will be important enough.

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